New Scripts, Pete Simpson

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All 11 scripts – commissioned & spec

                    THE SIDEKICK  (2018)  Misfit duo police detective TV series set in 1959 Britain.  Desperate for challenge, aristocrat
                    Sophie joins the sole police force that trains women detectives – only to be paired with a hilarious cockney sidekick.
2018 Hollywood Fresh Voices contest - judge’s scorecard (A to D): "A for Premise, Marketability and Castability. Consider."
                    STORM COMING  (2018) Action-thriller set in Colorado & Russia. CIA outcast summons all the kick-ass guts
                    she can muster to uncover
terrifying stealth secrets in America – or die in the trying with CIA asleep at the switch.
 (2017) It’s a hilarious night in the Cambridge lab as
uptight scientists try to sex-up a research report for US bosses. Comes waggish
Sheffield lab cleaner LENNIE who just can’t resist ratcheting it into deeper life issues.
But could he be their saviour? 
Produced @ Actors & Writers Studio London.
                    THE WEDDING DIARY  (2014) Fizzy rom com. Publisher-commissioned screenplay adaptation of Margaret James's
                    best selling
17th novel. Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?
                    UTTER MADNESS  (2016) Feature. action-adventure road thriller.  Maverick Tucson teacher gathers all the ingenuity
 and piloting skills she can marshal to rescue a feisty terrorized overseas student in a mad cross-border chase or die
                    in the trying. 
Hollywood contest semifinalist - Filmmakers International.

                    DANCING IN SANTA FÉ  (2014) Pathos theatre. Set in a care home. Mum’s dementia opens up horrifying skeletons of
                    warring daughter’s parentage.
 Produced @ The Cygnet Theatre, Exeter.

                    MORNING AMTRAK  (2015)  Poignant theatre of a woman's painful secrets and betrayal set on a lonely Arizona station.
                    WE ALL GOT DINGS  (2014) Off the wall TV sitcom series, set in Laguna Beach, California.
MAGIC BOY  (2015) Heart-warming feature. Reverse-mentor drama of a secret dream, set in London.
THE COALMINER  (2013) Forbidden love feature. Time-slip, set in Yorkshire.
PARADISE JUNCTION (2016) Theatre short. Forbidden love, set on Dartmoor.

Debut Published Novel (2016)
  GIRLS WITHOUT PARACHUTES Offbeat thriller set in Laguna Beach.