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                              5 years ago I began a screenplay/playwright career
                                       with the aim of becoming a professional.

    Scripts achieving recognition
         The Wedding Diary – Publisher commissioned screenplay adaptation.
         Utter Madness – Semi-finalist Hollywood Filmmakers Int. competition.
         Brexit Lab Wars – Theatre production at Actors & Writers London.
         Dancing in Santa Fé – Theatre production at Cygnet Theatre Exeter.

         THE WEDDING DIARY Rom-com. Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?
         Publisher-commissioned screenplay adaptation of
Margaret James’s best-selling 17th novel.

UTTER MADNESS Action-adventure international road thriller.  Mad cross border chase to save
         a feisty terrorised student. Semi-finalist
Filmmakers International Hollywood competition.

BREXIT LAB WARS Theatre. Clash of world’s dark comedy set in a Cambridge lab. Scientists
         behaving badly
. Produced at Actors & Writers Studio London. (rehearsed reading)

DANCING IN SANTA FÉ Theatre. Dark comedy in a care home. Mum’s dementia opens up horrifying
         skeletons of warring sisters’ parentage.
Produced at Cygnet Theatre, Exeter. (rehearsed reading)

                                             Other published writing
GIRLS WITHOUT PARACHUTES Thriller set in California. Sisters fall into a deadly world of
         lies, murder, terrorism & bankruptcy.

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          BUSINESS PLANNING SUCCESS© 392 pp US/Canada, UK & Russian Editions.
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         START-UP SUCCESS© 153 pp. US/Canada Editions.
         Business seminar leader and speaker - US & Russia.

    Commendation (first draft)
CLASS & SASS Retro Police TV Series.
2016 BlueCat
Hollywood competition (aka Fighting Chance). Judges' analysis:

         Archive #4408  Judge #8107:  "...anything but cookie-cutter. This is a fun and vivid story... The fast
         pace of reading the scenes makes utterly clear the clipping pace of the action in this story....
         Characters are distinct with a high
degree of intrigue and adventure. You set up Tara’s role as an
         iconoclast early, raising the stakes
for her and making this a compelling and fun story."

         Archive # 8296 Judge #8058:  "I like that you’ve crafted a story with not one, but two very strong
         female characters. Tara is a smart, capable firecracker, who has the confidence to be her own
         woman and to go after her dreams, rather than being a kept housewife to an affluent husband.
         She is actively breaking down societal barriers in the pursuit of a career as a detective, and thus
         she makes a very nice role model, that many women are sure to relate to and sympathize with...
         Charlie provides a nice bit of comic relief, while also possessing the strength of character to be
         unapologetically herself, and the smarts to be a real asset to Tara. I think they worked well
         off of one another."