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dark comedy - theatre

  stuffy meets wag

EVERYONE LOVES LENNIE (2017) A clash of worlds comedy.

A wild night; hilarious lab; Cambridge scientists in pain – under the
gun from US bosses. Comes a waggish lab cleaner who sees the world a bit differently – advancing his canny Northern wisdom.
        Rehearsed Reading at Actors & Writers London

Can survival render intelligentsia irrelevant?
Is Lennie their saviour?

fresh, rowdy, a different world

road thriller feature film
UTTER MADNESS (2016) Action-adventure international road thriller.

Maverick Tucson teacher summons all the guts and kick-ass piloting ingenuity she can muster to
rescue a feisty terrorized overseas student in a mad cross-border chase
or die in the trying.
      Semifinalist Filmmakers Int. Hollywood comp (Lioness). Judge # 9106 comments: "Wonderful premise...
       strong characters... dialogue is
another strong aspect of the script."
adaptation to screenplay
WEDDING DIARY (2014)   Publisher-commissioned rom-com adaptation.

Adaptation of Margaret James's best selling 17th novel.  Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?
Can a jilted bride keep her fairytale wedding alive by searching for replacement groom.

        Adaptation of Margaret James’s best-selling 17th novel
drama – theatre
DANCING IN SANTA FÉ  (2013) Drama set in a residential care home.

Mum’s dementia opens up horrifying skeletons of warring daughter’s parentage. Will it end in
irreparable harm or something profound?
        Rehearsed reading at The Cygnet Theatre, Exeter.
crime/mystery – TV series
CLASS & SASS Golden Arrow (2017)  Retro police procedural TV series. Crime/mystery - dash of humour.

Rebel aristocrat breaks into detection with her hilarious sidekick. Plus 6 follow-on episode storylines.
        BlueCat Hollywood competition. Judge #8107 comments: "Anything but cookie-cutter. A fun, vivid story...
        high degree of intrigue, adventure... compelling... fast pace... Characters are distinct." 
thriller novel
Amazon 4.7

 (2016) Quirky thriller set in Laguna Beach.

When their doting father's murdered, his lazy daughters fall into a deadly world of lies, murder,
terrorism, bankruptcy & software secrets. Are they doomed or made of sterner stuff?

        Published 2016
Amazon paperback & kindle.    sample the first three chapters
coming of age - theatre MORNING AMTRAK  (2015)  Coming of age drama set on a bleak Arizona station & Navajo Hogan.

A woman in crisis storms off an Amtrak
seeking refuge on a lonely Arizona station - only to encounter an
ensemble of life's cast offs & former lover. In the sizzling night, painful secrets explode.
other dramas/comedies
THE COALMINER (2013) Feature.  Time-slip forbidden love redemption, set in Yorkshire.

MAGIC BOY  (2015) Feature.  Heart-warming reverse mentor-drama set in London.

PARADISE JUNCTION  (2015) Theatre (short). Forbidden love ghost story set on Dartmoor.

WE ALL GOT DINGS  (2014) TV Pilot.  Offbeat family Sitcom set in Laguna Beach, CA.
in development
STEALTH WAR  Provocative action adventure thriller. The third thriller.

Seeking her best friend’s murderer, a head-strong ex-CIA outcast finds her life on the line as she spirals
into the dark and dangerous world of Russian stealth nuclear war.
Russian stealth, CIA asleep at the switch; a famous railway line; government sleaze; love interest.