New Scripts, Pete Simpson

                         Latest Comedy Theatre Production: Everyone loves Lennie at AWL Studio, London


                                                         New scripts completed in the last 5 years – advanced level

                                            5 feature screenplays
Going Rogue  High conspiracy thriller set in Colorado, Russia.
Mad Road  Road thriller set in Mexico, Arizona & UK  – semi-finalist Hollywood contest.
            The Wedding Diary  Publisher-commissioned rom-com novel adaptation set in London.
                                                    The Coalminer  Forbidden love drama set in UK.
Magic Boy  Heart-warming drama set in London & Tobago.

                                             2 TV series
                                                    The Sidekick  Retro misfit duo police detective set  in UK.
We all got Dings Change sucks sitcom set in Laguna Beach, CA. * in re-write.

                                              4 plays 
                                                     Everyone loves Lennie  Irreverent theatre – produced at AWL studio theatre.
Dancing in Santa Fé  Bitter theatre – produced at Cygnet theatre.
Morning Amtrak  Drama set on a bleak Arizona station.
Paradise Junction (Short) Forbidden love ghost story set  on Dartmoor, UK.


                                                                              Amazon Published Novel:
                                                                               Girls without Parachutes  
                                                                      Contained thriller set in Laguna Beach

                                                                                 Published non-fiction