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Completed Scripts

                   STORM COMING  (2018) Taut action-adventure feature.  Let slip the dogs of war.
CIA outcast summons all the kick-ass guts she can muster to uncover terrifying stealth secrets in America –
                        or die in the trying with CIA asleep at the switch.
                    EVERYONE LOVES LENNIE  (2017) It’s a hilarious night in the Cambridge
lab as 3 badly
 behaved scientists let loose with personality spats, egos,
trying to sex-up a weak research report for Brexit-twitchy US bosses.

Comes waggish Sheffield lab cleaner LENNIE, who just can’t resist ratcheting
it into deep life issues. It's not what they want to hear until roles begin to change.

                       Produced @ Actors & Writers Club London.
                   TOMBOYS  (2018)  Breezy duo police detective TV series set in 1959 Britain.  Despondent over her suffocating upper
                        class life and stale marriage, rebel Tara Bellamy breaks into murder investigation with her riotous cockney sidekick.
                       "A for Premise; A for
 Marketability; A for Castability."  Scorecard (A-D) 2018 Fresh Voices Hollywood competition.
                       "The pair of them undoubtedly form an entertaining partnership. Original premise...strong dialogue...interesting characters.":
2018 Rocliffe/BAFTA TV series competition.
                       "Anything but cookie-cutter. A fun vivid
 story, original premise, compelling." BlueCat Hollywood screenplay competition.
THE WEDDING DIARY  Fizzy rom com feature.
Publisher-commissioned screenplay adaptation of Margaret James's best
selling 17th novel, set in
 England. What's the worst thing that could happen
if you won a fairytale wedding...? Mislay Prince Charming.
Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?
FINALIST - 2014 Romantic Novelist Association - Romantic Comedy of the Year.
4.8/5 Amazon &
 Goodreads "Ordinary Reader" reviews in US & UK.
                    UTTER MADNESS  (2016) Foolhardy action-adventure road feature.
 Maverick Tucson teacher summons all the ingenuity and piloting skills she can muster to rescue a feisty terrorized
                       overseas student in a mad cross-border
 chase or die in the trying.

                       Semifinalist Filmmakers Int. Hollywood competition. Professional judge # 9106: "Wonderful premise... strong
                       characters... dialogue is another strong aspect of the script."
MORNING AMTRAK  (2015)  Poignant theatre.
A woman in crisis storms off an Amtrak, seeking solace on a lonely Arizona
only to lay bare painful secrets in the sizzling night.

With morning comes hard choices and
the morning Amtrak.

                   DANCING IN SANTA FÉ  (2013) Pathos theatre.
                       Set in a care home. Mum’s dementia opens up horrifying skeletons of warring daughter’s parentage.
                       Will it end in irreparable harm or something profound?
                       Produced @ The Cygnet Theatre, Exeter  (rehearsed script-in-hand).

                   THE COALMINER  (2013) Forbidden love feature. Time-slip, set in Yorkshire. Can time ever truly heal?
                   WE ALL GOT DINGS  (2014) Off the wall TV sitcom series. Set in Laguna Beach, California.
                   MAGIC BOY  (2015) Heart-warming feature. Reverse-mentor drama of a secret dream, set in London.
                   PARADISE JUNCTION  (2015) Theatre (short) Forbidden love ghost story set on Dartmoor, Devon.

                     GIRLS WITHOUT PARACHUTES (Published 2016) Debut Novel. Offbeat thriller set in Laguna Beach.