Pete Simpson - New Scripts: Storm Coming, The Sidekick, Everyone loves Lennie, Utter Madness, The Wedding Diary, Dancing In Santa Fe

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ALL SCRIPTS  2013-2018
Complete - advanced level

     THE SIDEKICK  (2018)  Misfit duo police detective TV series set in 1959 Britain.

           "A for Premise, Marketability, Castability."  2018 Hollywood Fresh Voices contest - judge’s scorecard (A to D).

           "Anything but cookie-cutter. A fun vivid story... high degree of intrigue."  2017 BlueCat Hollywood Contest judge.

           "An entertaining partnership. Original premise, strong dialogue.”  2018 Rocliffe/BAFTA TV series contest judge

         UTTER MADNESS  (2018) Conspiracy theory thriller feature set in Colorado & Russia.

  2018 Nicholl's Fellowship (Academy Awards) Hollywood Contest:

  Judge 1: "This story has your conspiracy theory radar going past 100. As the story plays out
well crafted page to well crafted page, the elements keep you enraptured."


   Judge 2: "Over the top, preposterous & lots of fun... best to just hold on and enjoy the ride."
     EVERYONE LOVES LENNIE  (2017) Irreverent theatre comedy. When Cambridge scientists blow a gasket,
           never invite Lennie to
the pity party. Developmental Production @ Actors & Writers Studio London.
     GOING ROGUE  (2016) Feature. Foolhardy action-adventure road thriller set in Arizona, Mexico, UK.
           “Wonderful premise...strong characters... dialogue." Semifinalist Filmmakers International Hollywood contest.

THE WEDDING DIARY  (2014) Fizzy rom-com feature. Publisher-commissioned screenplay adaptation of
James's best selling 17th novel. Finalist Romantic Novelist Association, Romantic Comedy Prize,

WE ALL GOT DINGS (2015) Off the wall offbeat TV sitcom series, set in Laguna Beach, California.


     DANCING IN SANTA FÉ  (2014) Pathos theatre set in a care home.  Produced @ Cygnet Theatre, Exeter.

     MORNING AMTRAK  (2015)  Poignant theatre set on a lonely Arizona station.

MAGIC BOY  (2015) Heart-warming feature. Reverse-mentor drama, set in London.

     THE COALMINER  (2013) Forbidden love feature. Time-slip, set in Yorkshire.

     PARADISE JUNCTION (2016) Theatre short. Forbidden love, set on Dartmoor.


10 screenplays are in various stages of development.
From fleshed-out throughline and characters to first draft: