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As in J. M. Barrie’s 1902 play The Admirable Crichton...

"Sometimes, it's the people who no-one imagines anything of, who do things no one can imagine."

               People who see the world differently
   A 3-Act dark comedy of beliefs in collision - set in
   a hilarious lab, with science in the back seat.
   A night of spats & feelings of doom as disparate
   Cambridge scientists report weak research results
   to their US bosses.
   Is Lab Cleaner Lennie in the wrong place at the
   wrong time? Or does he have the canny gift of
   advancing his pithy take on modern-life issues ...
   real vs unreal worlds; the pain of feeling powerless;
   comfort of intelligentsia vs. real world of just getting by.
   Are the scientists open to his view of the world? Is
   he open to theirs?

   Lennie's nemesis and fancy - sex-bomb Russian
   Lab Administrator Katrina, just can't take it - running
   interference with Lennie and the scientists.
                          How will the night end?
   - Can Lennie coax them into seeing intellect's not
     all its cracked up to be? Does he see another,
     personal side to scientists we don't see on TV?
   - Is he
their liberator?
   - Will loveable Lennie be fired by Katrina or can he
     turn the tables & make it with her?
          Can survival render intelligentsia irrelevant?
     A big thank you to Director Kenn Michaels, The
     Reading Committee, Casting Department and six
     Actors @ Actors & Writer's London Studio.
     Also the expert audience of 70 professional
     directors, actors & writers who suggested many
     critical changes - now incorporated in the
     latest draft.

Poles apart? Or... band of brothers?

Many thanks to...

                   DIRECTOR: Kenneth Michaels

                   CASTING: Robin Miller & Carolyn Pertwee
                   CAST (alphabetical):
Gregory Cox (Daniel Pasha)
 Victoria Kempton (Dr Fenella Crabtree)
                     Orsolya Nagy (Katrina)
 Lewis Rae (Dr Kyle Macintyre)
 Georgia Riley (Dr Victoria Pasha)
 Harry Saks (Lennie Wragg)

   "Who'd set a comedy in a science lab only someone who's lived it & laughed."