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                    An unproduced dark comedy
    Set in  a hilarious lab, with science in the back seat.

People who see the world differently.
                          Beliefs in collision.

   A night of spats & feelings of doom as disparate
   Cambridge scientists report weak research results
   to their US bosses.
   Is Lab Cleaner Lennie in the wrong place at the
   wrong time or just what they need... but don't want?

   His Sheffield-eze take on modern-life issues...
real vs unreal worlds and comfort of intelligentsia
   vs real world of just getting by
is not what they
   want to hear until roles begin to change.

   Could he be their saviour in disguise?

   In the wings, Lennie's nemesis and fancy - sex-bomb
   Russian Lab Administrator Katrina, just can't take it -
   running interference with Lennie and the scientists.
   How will the night end? Will Lennie be fired?

A lively night

Many thanks!  Critical feedback from members of Actors & Writers Club - London.

  "Who'd set a comedy in a science lab only someone who's lived it & laughed."