Everyone loves Lennie

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Never invite Lennie to a pity party


         A night of spats & feelings of doom

as edgy Cambridge scientists
         prepare to report bad results
         to their their Brexit-grouchy US
Then who should show up ... their
waggish lab cleaner, who just can't
resist ratcheting into deeper life
Real vs unreal worlds; comfy
         intelligentsia vs. the real world of
         just getting by; South-North divide
         and Brexit angst.
His Sheffield-eze take doesn't go
         over big, until roles and
         begin to change.

How will the night end? Will Lennie
         be fired or does something
         profound lurk behind that working
         class fašade?
Does he have a way with words,
         that transcends the Atlantic? Could
         he be their saviour in disguise?


                 Scientists behaving badly

Many thanks for the feedback of the studio audience & superb participating members...

DIRECTOR: Kenneth Michaels
CASTING: Robin Miller & Carolyn Pertwee
IMAGES: Paddy Gormley

Gregory Cox (Daniel Pasha)
Victoria Kempton (Dr Fenella Crabtree)
Orsolya Nagy (Katrina)
Lewis Rae (Dr Kyle Macintyre)
Georgia Riley (Dr Victoria Pasha)
Harry Saks
(Lennie Wragg)