About Pete Simpson

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                     California Odyssey...
                               With love Vanessa Pete took off for art colony Laguna Beach,  making it their home – raising 2 sons.
                               US executive management led to founding businesses & writing
best-selling business books (credits),
                               with novels as weekend projects (
earlier writing).


                     5 years ago – start of a productive period...
                               Full-time development of a portfolio of American & British spec scripts (plus a commissioned
                               script): 7 feature films/TV pilots, 4 stage plays – and
publication of a debut novel.

                     Credits - commissioned & spec...
                               Wedding Diary Publisher-commissioned screenplay adaptation from a novel.
                               Utter Madness Semi-finalist Hollywood Filmmakers International competition - (titled Lioness).
                               Everyone loves Lennie Produced @ Actors & Writers Club London (rehearsed script-in-hand).
                               Dancing in Santa Fé Produced @ Cygnet Theatre Exeter (rehearsed script-in-hand).
                               Girls without Parachutes Published thriller novel.

                               Has come through competition submittals – with professional judges' analysis (author blind).
                               Full-time writing continue
s – with competition submittals. In development reveals current script work.  
                               Often American or British self-defined women leads – melding dramatic with splashes of humour:
 ° Action-adventure – heroes with painful truths, who muster the guts to defeat their hurt & villains.
                               ° Comedies – unlikely heroes trapped in the farcical side of life.
The future...
                               Shortlisted in competitions and a full-time scriptwriter, Pete's ready for the next step.

                               Pete & Vanessa split their lives between Orange County, CA & Britain.  T.S. Eliot... East Coker, V... 
                               Member of
 Actors & Writers London