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     Thriller novel at Amazon 4.7
     Set in Laguna Beach, California, the
     manuscript of
girls without parachutes
     languished in a laptop for over a decade,
     eclipsed by a switch to scriptwriting.

Released in 2016, this idiosyncratic thriller's
     based in a city I know well.

      Danger knows you...
                 ...but you don't know him... yet.

     Laguna Beach. Idyllic art colony. Haven for
     the eclectic rich. And peril's the last thing
     on the minds of young wilful Pandora & her
     literary sister Jackie as they soak up a
 blissful lifestyle cosseted by their doting
     father – until he's  murdered.

    This fast-paced quirky thriller tells the  story
    of unsuspecting sisters embroiled in a
    dangerous world of lies, terrorism, software
    secrets, bankruptcy, sex, murder, FBI
    shadowing and child protection.

    Can they get their act together, or are they
    just a lost cause?

Scenic route in writing...
Born Sheffield, Yorkshire. A childhood affinity for ideas, art, writing and spoof inspired
    short stories. Yet a diverse career beckoned in Laguna Beach, California.

    With love Vanessa we took off for art colony Laguna, making  it our home, raising 2 sons.
    US executive
travel led to founding businesses & writing textbooks (credits), with novels
    as cool weekend projects (
earlier writing).

Flash forward to 5 years ago when...

he scriptwriting bug bit... 4 stage plays, 4 feature films, 2 TV pilots were created
    (advance-level) plus a novel. Subtext, visualization & lean writing appeal. My 4th
Strike Fear is in development. A high-concept movie that hits all the buttons

Credits - commissioned & spec
    "The Wedding Diary" Publisher-commissioned screenplay adaptation.
Utter Madness" Semi-finalist Hollywood Filmmakers Int. competition - (titled Lioness).
Brexit Lab Wars" Theatre production at Actors & Writers London (rehearsed reading)
    "Dancing in Santa Fé" .Theatre production at Cygnet Theatre Exeter (rehearsed reading)
Girls without Parachutes" Published novel.

voices (US & UK)...

    - Thrillers. People with painful truths, who muster the guts to overcome their hurt & villains.
    - Comedies. Unlikely heroes trapped in the farcical side of life.

    Actors & Writers London.

    We now split our lives between Orange County, California & Britain.

Favourite comedies...
   Seinfeld - especially
The Soup Nazi episode written by Spike Feresten.
   Fawlty Towers - especially
Basil the Rat episode written by John Cleese & Connie Booth.