Peter Simpson earlier writing

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                                    SCENT OF ROSE  Feature, UK – Romantic drama set in Yorkshire.

                                    DOLLY’S NIGHT OUT  Feature, UK – Disney style retro children’s adventure - now under development -
                                    based on characters and sub-plot in
The Coalminer.

                                    GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!  US/UK TV series – Intergalactic Sci-fi sitcom.

                                    NAUGHTY  TV series, US – Sitcom set in an Arizona college town.

                                    CALIFORNIA! Feature, US – Time-travel family thriller set in Mallorca and California.

                                    HE’S TOAST  Feature, US – Rom-com set in Orange County, CA.

                                    SHE’S TOAST  Feature, US Road thriller.

                                    THE SANDCASTLE BUILDER  Feature, US – Mentor driven suspense set in Laguna Beach.

                                    THORN IN HER PAW  Feature. Russia, US – Cold-war suspense. Based on my novel of the same title.