Scripts in development

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                     DOLLY’S NIGHT OUT  Retro children’s adventure TV series.
 Disney style children’s adventures set in 1950's Britain. Based on sub-plot and characters in The Coalminer.

                     GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!  Sci-fi comedy TV serial.
 Intergalactic travel sitcom.

                     NAUGHTY  Sitcom TV series.
 Set in an Arizona college town.

                     SCENT OF ROSE  Drama feature.
 Romantic drama set in Yorkshire.

                     CALIFORNIA! Feature.
 Time-travel family thriller set in Mallorca and California.

                     HE’S TOAST  Rom-com feature, US
 Set in Orange County, CA.

                     SHE’S TOAST  Road thriller feature.
 Set in the US.

                     THE SANDCASTLE BUILDER  Feature.
 Mentor driven suspense set in Laguna Beach.

                     THE THIN PLACE  Redemptive drama feature based on my radio play.
 A lapsed English vicar (female) finds betrayal and redemption in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

                     THORN IN HER PAW  Cold-war suspense feature based on my novel.
 Set in Russia, UK and US. Childhood dreams true for a brilliant Latvian scientist.