Peter Simpson earlier writing

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Early work




International Cold War thriller - Novel

   THORN IN HER PAW 306 pp. 2002.  Set in Russia,

   Britain and America.  Willful brilliant Russian scientist

   uses sex and her razor-sharp manipulative mind to escape

   to The West and claw her way up the West’s science

   ladder - hounded by the KGB & CIA.  Unpublished


Radio play - Right of passage

   THE THIN PLACE 45 min. 2008. Lapsed English vicar

    agonizes over her lost faith - only to unearth it - and

    betrayal in Arizona's Sonoran desert. Unpublished



International romantic thriller - Novel

   THE MAN WHO PAINTED SOULS 321 pp. 2005.  When

   an atheist Tucson geneticist strives to make sense of the

   strange death and legacy of her English uncle in Mallorca,

   she becomes embroiled in the spiritual world of an 18th

   century monk where the only man who can help is said to

   have the gift of painting souls. Unpublished



       Non-Fiction (1996)  Internationally best-selling business books with software - for Corporations and S/ME's (co-authored):

            SUCCESS INC©  Business Strategy, Tactics & Planning Success. 392 pp and software. US, UK & Russian editions.

            SALES & MARKETING SUCCESS©  238 pp & software. Strategy, tactics and planning. US, UK & Russian editions.

            START-UP SUCCESS©  Starting a Business, Planning and implementing. Workbook & Software. US & UK editions.