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In universal praise of Margaret's novel - 19 columnist reviews

Romantic Novelist Association 2014 RoNA Awards:  The Wedding Diary - Finalist for the Romantic Comedy Prize.

Amazon's GoodReads Inc. (US) Aug 2013 to March 2014 Voted #1 by readers - in the category of Fiction books about Weddings.  (Score 2,500 - far outstripping #2 at 1184)

Coffee Time Romance & More. (US)  July 2013
A movie, audio book and most definitely a sequel would be welcomed as it is rich with memorable events and makes you smile with understanding. This book tickles my toes and warms my heart.

Long and Short Reviews, (US) Sept 2013 
Oh, what a joy it was reading this story! When I started to read it I thought that it would be yet another predictable book about fake boyfriends. I was wrong, very wrong to be exact. The Wedding Diary is anything but predictable.  So if you like well written, funny, happy and feel good romances, go grab this one.

Single Titles (US) Oct 2013 A fabulous story of love, friendships & relationships that made me laugh out loud. Fast-paced, hilariously funny.  Impossible to resist,
The Wedding Diary proves that, regardless of genre, if a book has got Margaret James’ name on the cover, then a first-class read is guaranteed!

RT Book Review Magazine (US) July 2013: In this
wildly passionate, touching and sometimes funny story, James portrays two broken-hearted souls who connect and magically find a way to love again. Most of the book has an offbeat, almost fairy-­tale feel, but it’s uplifting and satisfying. James spins her story with hope in mind, and her characters help us believe in castles in the air without equivocation.

LoveReading From the author of a successful historical romance trilogy, this is a
charming, funny and delightful read about silver linings and second chances.

Reading in the Sunshine
Such a Fantastic love story! I absolutely loved The Wedding Diary! The way I would describe it is that it is such a happy read! I was genuinely delighted as I read it and I always looked forward to returning to it on an evening. The Wedding Diary is a fantastic story full of love, romance, funny moments and happiness.

Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog …Margaret James has made the grade with a contemporary romance that is right up to date.
Superb! It was such a feel good read.

Romantic Fiction Online This is a
really enjoyable escapist read… The scenes set in Italy are especially enjoyable; you can feel the Mediterranean sun warming your back as you stroll through Lucca with Cat and Adam.

Shaz’s Book Blog It was one of those books that
you read & felt all warm and fuzzy afterwards & wished if only true life could be like that…

Elizabeth’s book reviews The Wedding Diary is like a
huge bar of chocolate. Best eaten in one sitting while curled up in front of the fire — and missed once it is finished.

The Romaniacs I would
thoroughly recommend The Wedding Diary. It’s easily as much fun as going to a real wedding without having to buy the expensive present or wear the skyscraper shoes. And you can choose your own buffet to accompany it.

Rea, Rea Book Review This was a very fun and light hearted read. Both Adam and Cat were
very well developed characters who were both genuine and lovable characters and you could see from the moment you met them that they would be perfect together I was just hoping that the outcome of the story was all I hoped it would be but it turned out to be that and a whole lot more.

Anne, Being Anne Reading blogspot My 87 year old mother tells me that The Silver Locket (free on Kindle at time of writing) is one of the best books she's ever read - sadly I can't endorse that because the book (along with its sequels The Golden Chain and The Penny Bangle) is still languishing on my Kindle, awaiting its turn. But I was intrigued to see that Margaret James had written a book with a present day setting, read it in two sittings, and have to say I absolutely loved it. ...This is one I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a bit of escapism and romance, but likes it really well written. Lots of funny moments, highly entertaining and
a joy to read. Don't go on holiday without it - well done Margaret, and another winner from Choc Lit. (And sometime soon, I'll have to see if my Mum was right about the others...)

Bookalicious Travel Addict This book attracted me from the start with its cover. Until I found this publisher, Choc Lit publishing, I wasn’t really a chic lit kind of reader. I have to say so far I’ve not been disappointed with any of the authors I’ve come across and this book was no exception. ... The authors description of people and places really brought them to life, and you just romanticised as you read through the book. This is another book that I read in two sittings. I have now bought the next book by Margaret James, The Silver Locket, which is part of a trilogy and I can’t wait to get started on it.
Thoroughly recommend this as another curl up on the sofa book Lisa.

Serendipity Reviews The book was enjoyable. The story was
warm and funny, showing just how wonderful and romantic it can be when you find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. A quick and easy read, with a fairy-tale ending.

I Heart Book Reviews The laugh out loud moments came in the delightful and slightly forceful form of Fanny the wedding planner, she was a breezy character and I loved her relationship with her dog (yes you, read correctly) ‘
The Wedding Diary’ is pure escapism, leaving you feeling like sunshine on a cloudy day, 5/5

Ruth Hunter, Bertram’s BookTime Magazine. This new contemporary romance from the author of The Silver Locket, The Golden Chain and The Penny Bangle is a charming, funny and witty novel.
It’s perfect for anyone who believes in love, second chances and happy endings.

Sarah Pitt, Western Morning News, 2013 This is
a fresh and funny contemporary romance…the literary equivalent of a light- as- air wedding cake…